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close-up image of a photo finish race

Selections subject to change due to late scratches, track condition, unanticipated track-bias, or other emergent factors. (And then there’s our shameless waffling.)

Thurs, July 21

2) Speedy Analysis-Trainer first made mark here with cheapos like this likewise bought in NY...switched similarly hapless steed, Phantom Cat (same batch, procured from same barn), to grass recently and watched that one wire..sire quite the turf influence; turf only

7) Easy Indigo-Cashed twice on this one in form not as poor as appears..mildly tactical sort raced too alertly for own good 5/30 when vying just behind leader with Magic Apple, a fast front-runner and sometimes-str/alw ace..note carefully that latest included far pricier stock

8) Awesome Faith-Has netted last four one-turn assignments..lacks requisite stamina for route, which brands recent try ultra-impressive..ill-advised grab and hold ride conceded soft lead to strong, formidable winner..six-time alw winner simply adores Mountain-Main, shorter distance right in wheelhouse

Handicapping tip of the day: Judge horses from their wins, not their losses. Lots of runners give false reads when ill-situated, unlucky, off-form or over-matched. Defeats thus muddy the waters, while victories reveal true aptitude concerning distance, class, and running-style.. etc. Consequently, that's when thoroughbreds show their limitations. When they win.   Mark Patterson


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