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ONE Club FAQ's

Q:        What is an ONE Club™ card?
A:        The ONE Club card is a guest loyalty card.  Players use it to track their play in order
            to receive discounts, offers, and to participate in promotions.  The more you
            play, the more you are rewarded.

Q:        Do I have to be an ONE Club™ member to participate in promotions?
A:        Yes.  According to company policy and governing commissions, you must be an
           ONE Club member to participate. 

Q:        What are the tier evaluation periods?
A:        Tier evaluation periods are May 1st-October 31st and November 1st-April 30th
           each year.  ONE Club members have 6 months to earn tier points to remain in their
           status or increase in status.

Q:        What happens to my base points after the tier evaluation period?
A:        While you start building new tier points in the new evaluation period, previous
           points earned remain on your account for redemption.

Q:        Do my ONE Club™ points expire?
A:        ONE Club points are redeemable for at least 6 months. They will only expire if there
           is inactivity on an ONE Club account for 6 months.

Q:        How do I earn monthly offers?
A:        Monthly offers are based on ONE Club members’ play in a certain time period.
           Each member may receive different offers based on the category he/she has
           qualified for.  Offers may change from month to month based on the member’s
           history of play.

Q:        Who do I contact if I have a question about my I ONE Club™ account?
A:        You can visit the Players Club at Mountaineer, contact your gaming host or call
           Mountaineer at 1-800-804-0468.  For player account protection, we cannot
           look up account information via email or Facebook/Twitter requests.


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