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Spanish 21

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a variation of Blackjack combining the excitement of a regular BJ game and the multiple pay offs of a slot machine. A “Spanish Deck” is a standard deck of cards with the 10’s removed.


  •  All cards count as face value except Kings, Queens and Jacks always count as 10.
  • A player’s Blackjack “Always Beats” a dealer’s Blackjack and is paid 3 to 2 odds.
  •  In addition to a regular bet. A player may place a side bet on the possibility that either of his/her first two cards will match exactly the up card that the dealer deals to themselves first.

Splitting Pairs
A player may split cards of equal value including Aces up to three times creating four hands. When splitting Aces, they are treated as any other card. Hitting and doubling down of split hands including Aces are allowed.

Doubling Down
A player may double down once on 2 or more cards, including doubling after splitting, The dealer will not pay bonuses on doubled down hands.

Double Down Rescue
A player, after doubling down, may choose to RESCUE (take back) the double down portion of the bet and forfeit the original bet. Double downs that exceed 21 or break the hand may not be rescued.

Late Surrender
A player may surrender on their first two original cards. Surrender allows a player to forfeit half his/her wager and drop from the hand. However a player may not surrender against a dealer’s Blackjack.

Super Bonus (7-7-7) +envy bonus
The dealer will pay a bonus when the dealer’s up-card is a seven (7) and a player has three (3) SUITED SEVENS. The Super Bonus requires no special side bet and is automatic.



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